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Why are gaming laptops so expensive?

Many people have a misconception that gaming laptops are just as cheap to buy as a regular laptop but this is not the case. Gaming laptops cost way more than regular laptops because they need to be able to handle heavy graphics and processing. This is the reason why are these gaming laptops are so expensive.

Gamers are in for a treat with the latest release of laptops. With all the new features, graphics cards, and processors, these computers may be more than you bargained for. The good news is that by shopping online you can get an idea of what’s out there to find your perfect gaming laptop at a price point that suits your budget.

The post will let you know about the different types of laptops available for gamers and what specs are worth looking into. It’ll also help you make informed decisions on where to buy your next computer.

We will take the example of MSI, Acer, and Prostar to cover the whole topic.

How the manufacturing process helps increase the gaming laptop price?

The manufacturing process of gaming laptops is very similar to the one of any other computer, if not all. The internals is personalized by each manufacturer to make it stand out from the rest of them. It’s widely known that MSI is one of the best manufacturers in this regard.

1. Central Processing Unit (CPU) & Graphics Card (GPU)


Let’s start with the most important part, which is its CPU. Like every gaming laptop, the CPU is the core part of it and an important part of the gaming experience. The central processing unit defines the speed of your computer and is composed of the main processor chip (or CPU), along with a heat sink and cooling fan.

Gaming laptop needs more power so the manufacturer always focuses on powerful processors and this ultimately increases the price. As for these particular devices, it comes with Intel, AMD series, and other gaming processors that provide very good performance for games.


The latest AMD Ryzen 9 9500X and Intel Iris Xe Graphics cards are the best gaming graphics processors when it comes to its performance when compared with other processors.

These are best known for multitasking and also for high-quality renderings such as 4K video editing and 3D modeling. For extreme gaming, a high-end graphics card is required and this increases the price as compared to a normal laptop.

2. Branding

The branding of gaming laptops is very important just like with any other laptop or computer that you might purchase. A high-quality product with strong branding is more likely to be of better quality than something that just has no real brand name. However, this does not mean that products that are unbranded are lower in quality than others, but it is generally a safer bet to purchase.

Let’s take the example of the Prostar Gaming Laptop. This company has a very simple logo that just contains the word “Prostar” and it is in red color. This brand does not provide much information, but it is likely to be cheaper due to low advertising costs. However, this laptop can be compared to Acer Gaming Laptop which has a very unique design.

Prostar is one of the cheap but powerful options that has got an 11th Gen Intel Core i7 Processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 3060, 32GB RAM, and 1TB SSD. This laptop may have a higher price tag but it has a much more aesthetically pleasing design which is likely to attract customers with its chic style compared to Prostar Brand. However, another key fact that needs consideration is the type of accessories they provide.

3. Cooling / Thermal Solutions

For a gaming laptop, thermal emission can pose a potential issue. These laptops are likely to be overclocked which can emit more heat than usual. For Prostar Brand, they have got Thermal Solutions such as Cooler Boost Trinity and Exclusive Dual Fan Thermal Solution similar to MSI. On the other hand, Acer Gaming Laptops do have thermal control features such as Programmable Cooling Fans and Overboost Function.

A special thermal solution is applied to keep the processor cool while gaming. Prostar has Cooler Boost Trinity with 6 heat pipes but Acer has Dual Fans with 5 Heat Pipes. As for the original switchable graphics, both Prostar and Acer produce different results in terms of thermal emission. the special exhaust system in gaming laptops adds extra bucks to its value.

4. Keyboard

The keyboard is different for both computers, so no need to mention it extensively. The only difference a gaming laptop has is its customizable keyboard lighting. It makes things super interesting when it comes to extreme gaming.

In addition, You could possibly use a heat-resistant mat when using either machine given their extreme temperatures.

5. Display

The screen on your laptop or computer monitor must redraw its picture many times per second to make fluid motion possible. How often the screen can refresh itself is determined by a number called Hz which stands for Hertz and it’s measured in cycles per second (PPS). A higher HZ means more frequent updates of what you see, so be sure this fits into things like video games where there are framerate limits; otherwise, certain actions might get delayed because the animation only occurs at specific PPS intervals during gameplay.

It’s difficult to compare TN and IPS displays since they have varying features. The more advanced the display on your gaming laptop, the more expensive it will be. To overcome the issues with TN panels, IPS panels are designed to compensate for the limitations of TN panels.

6. Audio & Video Solutions

The audio and video solutions of these gaming laptops are very impressive. Both have SSDs while also having better and advanced graphics cards which deliver a smooth video playback and can handle demanding games with high settings. The high graphics card and better sound system are a must-have for gamers.

If you see, the latest MSI GS63VR Stealth Pro has its speaker grills on the side of the keyboard so it doesn’t get blocked when placing it on your lap.

7. Battery

The previous section discussed how gaming laptops require more power on average. As a result, it will need extra battery capacity so you can play games for lengthy periods of time.

You don’t want to game for a little while and have your laptop shut off due to a dead battery. This is why a good battery is so crucial when it comes to choosing the best gaming laptop. Because of their huge battery capacity, some gaming laptops might take longer to fully charge than others.

Laptop manufacturers must make sure that their batteries can last for more than a few minutes of gaming before requiring a charge. These batteries have a greater capacity than ordinary laptops with little usage of electricity. As a consequence, the higher manufacturing cost is not free, and it is included in the laptop’s premium price tag.

How we conclude this topic

If you’re considering buying a gaming laptop, then I hope this post has helped shed some light on the process. Gaming laptops are expensive and time-consuming to buy because of their specialized hardware needs – but if you love playing games as much as we do, it could be worth it.

Be sure to follow these steps carefully before purchasing your first gaming laptop so that you don’t end up with buyer’s remorse or an incompatible machine. What advice would you give someone who wants to purchase a new gaming laptop?

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