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ALASHI Tablet Stand for Desk

This ALASHI Tablet Stand for Desk accommodates 4 to 13.3-inch tablets, including various popular models. It’s a sturdy metal stand with a thicker base for stability and scratch protection. Adjustable for different viewing angles and heights, it’s portable and suitable for diverse settings. It also elevates monitors, reducing strain, and allows multitasking with a cooling feature that enhances tablet performance by dissipating heat.

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Key Features

  • Holds tablets securely from 4 to 13.3 inches, including various models like Apple iPad Pro, Microsoft Surface, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, etc.
  • A sturdy metal stand with a thickened base ensures stability and prevents tablet falls. Rubber covers protect devices from scratches.
  • Adjustable height and angles for portrait or landscape viewing; foldable for portability in various settings like offices, schools, or kitchens.
  • Elevates monitor height, reducing strain on the eyes, neck, and shoulders. The hollow design allows cord access for multitasking.
  • Acts as a cooling stand, dissipating heat from electronic devices to improve tablet performance.


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