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How to get into information technology with no experience?

Are you a recent high school graduate who is interested in IT but has no experience? You’re not alone. Information technology is one of the fastest-growing fields in today’s job market, and starting from scratch can be daunting. So the question is how to get into information technology with no experience and how a non-technical and unskilled person can get these jobs?

To start off, there are many free resources available online that provide tutorials on how to use various computer programs required in an IT career field such as Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, and so on.

If you don’t have a college degree yet, consider enrolling at a community college or vocational school in your area so you can take courses in these software packages while also learning about networking and other important skills needed for getting into this industry.

Let’s start to know what are the ways where you can start a job or even a business without having any specialized skill required for getting into this industry.

1) Find areas where Tech can make an impact

Are you planning on leaving your current job? If so, start talking tech now! Identify areas where information technology can help improve processes at work. When you first decide to enter a new profession, it may be difficult. It might seem like you have none of the skills that are required for your new career.

However, information technology is everywhere. There’s information technology in every industry. Start talking up information technology at work and identifying processes where information technology can make a difference.

2) Take free online classes to learn the basics

If you don’t have any IT experience but are interested in getting into the field, check out Udacity’s information technology Nanodegree programs or search topics or free courses on Youtube. These courses will help you learn the skills that most employers look for when hiring entry-level candidates with little experience.

You’ll get projects to build yourself, tutorials on popular toolsets, and even lectures from successful working professionals in the industry. The best part? It’s completely free! Most of these courses are available for self-study.

3) Be willing to begin at the bottom and work your way up

Sometimes the best way to gain experience is to start at the bottom. If you’re trying to break into IT without much digital IT experience, consider working an entry-level job in this sector.

Many information technology-focused companies provide entry-level IT positions that often require little or no experience, making this a great opportunity for inexperienced professionals looking to get their feet wet with information technology jobs.

4) Networking is a great resource you have

You may be surprised by how powerful your connections can be in information technology jobs. After all, information technology is a social business.

It’s built on communication and collaboration between information technology professionals, clients, information technologies companies, IT managers, IT designers, IT engineers, IT analysts, and developers.

5) A Degree in a different discipline May Be a Great Resource

Do not underestimate your learning in another field. The IT industry is diverse and these professionals are often required to have at least a bachelor’s degree in information technology before taking jobs in the IT field. However, this industry also requires employees to engage in many different responsibilities. It includes information systems management, system development, information management, information services operations, web information systems design, enterprise resource planning (ERP), business intelligence (BI), computer support specialist, network administrator or IT manager positions, and so on.

That said, an information technology job doesn’t necessarily require you to have a comprehensive understanding of all disciplines. Some companies only hire applicants with degrees in more narrow fields such as mathematics or science. But having knowledge of different disciplines can make you a well-rounded candidate who can also apply techniques to other areas of interest.

6) If you are passionate, apply passion in IT

Surprisingly, the IT industry is already seeing a massive shortage of workers, and it’s only expected to get worse as the digital information age continues to bring new challenges to IT professionals. There are plenty of entry-level IT jobs available if you know where to look. If you’re looking to give information technology a try, you must go ahead and start your job search now.

People are always needed for this industry, so if your entry-level IT job doesn’t work out for whatever reason, move on to the next one. The IT industry is full of opportunities. As long as you possess drive and passion for this fast-paced field, information technology will always be hiring!


What is a freelancer and how do they earn money?

Bring some extra money online with a freelancing platform. Freelancers are online workers who work for various online platforms and earn big bucks from them. They apply for different jobs posted online and once they get a job, they work from home or from their desired place.

What are some available freelancing platforms?

There are several types of online jobs available at many online marketing platforms which provide online jobs. These platforms include Fiverr, Upwork, freelancer, Toptal, Linkedin, and many others. So, these platforms provide online jobs to people without any skills as well as skilled professionals. People can do online jobs for different companies or individuals according to their skill set.

What is fiverr and how it works?

Fiverr (

Fiverr is an Israeli freelance platform that provides online jobs for different categories like web developers, graphic designers, writers, and more. This online earning platform is a beginner-level online platform where you can earn a decent income online with your skill set. You have to make gigs as per your skillset and search for available jobs in the market.

What is Freelancer and What is Freelancing work mean?

Freelancer (

Freelancer is an online platform that allows you work independently rather than be employed by someone else. On the freelancer’s platform, employers from all over the world post jobs online to hire skilled and unskilled minds from all over the world. People can find online jobs and work on different projects even from their bed space. It is one of the million dollars platforms with over 55,171,766 registered users and 20,528,687 jobs posted to date.

What is Upwork and how it works?

Upwork (

On Upwork, employers are posting online jobs worldwide, where companies and freelancers work together for their online working needs. This online job platform is a good source of income for young and energetic minds who can find online jobs and work from anywhere they feel comfortable.

Professionally trained people in IT can get online jobs on these two online earning platforms to earn a decent income online with their skillset. Along with that, many professional courses are always open for unskilled people. Intrestingly, If you have no technical knowledge but passion can break the barriers.

How we conclude this article

The IT industry has lots of entry-level positions for those who want an exciting new profession. The only way to get into this business is to upgrade yourself.  Join and Watch free courses for skillsets and start implementing them.  No matter what knowledge in any discipline you have, if you are passionate about IT, start your career. Remember, there’s no better time than now.

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