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Best PC Cases 2022: (10 Ergonomic Cases For Your PC)

The best PC cases depict a lot about who you are. Some like to go big and flashy, while others prefer a more minimalist approach with a reasonable budget. Picking the pc cases with the best airflow comes down to your specific needs and requirements. Once you need to check out the computer cases by the size you require, next comes the fun stuff. There are plenty of other details to consider, such as lighting, cooling configurations, windows, airflow, I/O ports, and much more according to the user’s desire. It should be a bold decision that you shouldn’t take lightly. Therefore your case is the exterior of your gaming PC you’re likely to see every single day, so you should be well aware that what type of pc case you are choosing to buy.

We have made things much easy and simple for you, we’ve collected some of the best computer cases for gaming to choose from in a variety of shapes, sizes, and budgets as per the requirement of the user. For buying the best budget pc case for gaming is the PC you want to build isn’t just for aesthetics’ sake or something like that. Its impact is not just on how your gaming rig looks on the outside, but it will also maintain the reliability for the long-lasting of the whole CPU in a convenient way. The best gaming pc case under 200 works fine and up to the mark. On the other side, the gaming computer cases are a bit expensive than normal cases due to their special features and excellent built quality.

Let’s have look at what we got for you…!


Best PC Cases 2021

Product Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Cooler Master MasterCase H500

Cooler Master Mastercase H500

In the list of some of the best PC cases, the COOLER MASTER is empowered with a meshed front panel for increased intake of ambient cool air conveniently and easily. It also supports a mini ITX motherboard for small profile builds. Loaded with a unique HDD/SSD mounting bracket positioning allows more space inside which facilitates customers with more room and feasibility to build a system into it easily. Cooler master supports 200 mm ARGB fans for Airflow cooling pc at the front of the case thanks to HDD/SSD mounting style and standard ATX sized power supplies.

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The front panel has been empowered with a small redesign and now includes front USB 3 ports and a USB 2.0 port along with a single power and reset rocker-type button. Whereas, the sides still include vents as does the top of the single-piece cover, with the latter providing ventilation for the PSU intake. The most important and key factor is portability. You can quite easily move or transfer it from one place to the other. It is designed in such a beautiful way that despite its tiny dimensions, it is considered one of the smallest ‘proper’ cases we’ve ever seen.

  • It has front usb 3 ports
  • Affordable
  • Dual 200 millimeter ARGB fans
  • No intake air filter

2. Cooler Master MCB-Q500L-KANN-S00 MasterBox

Cooler Master Mcb-Q500L-Kann-S00 Masterbox

The COOLER MASTER MCB-Q500L has minimized dimensions for a standard ATX motherboard. It’s standard ATX motherboard is empowered with a fully perforated chassis, the top, front, rear, and bottom panels are fully perforated to offer airflow for various fan configurations conveniently. The movable I/O panel and orientation for the chassis are versatile. You have the option to move the I/O panel to 6 different locations. It is also accompanied by rubberized screws which also function as feet to supplement different orientations.

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For user ease, the PSU is positioned on the front of the chassis to fully utilize internal space. The bracket can be relocated to offer position options depending on preference and form factor desired by the user. It has been designed in such a way depending on hardware configuration, the movable I/O panel can be relocated to multiple positions to retain its accessibility. The top, front, rear, and bottom panels are fully pierced to support various fan configurations as needed. The magnetic dust filters feature a unique design and it enables a user to quick removal and installation for easy cleaning of the dust filters with rubber stompers to keep the filters from sliding. If a standard ATX motherboard is used, the PSU mounts to the top-front of the chassis with the ability to shift upward or downward which is very convenient and feasible for users.

  • Budget case, good price
  • Movable I/O panel
  • Great airflow
  • Work both air and water cooler
  • Easy to assemble
  • No PSU shroud

3. Corsair CC-9011077-WW Carbide Series 100R Silent Edition

Corsair Cc-9011077-Ww Carbide Series 100R Silent Edition

CORSAIR SILENT EDITION QUIET Mid Tower Case comes with a clean, modern, and elegant design. A more mature, understated design that fits well into any setup easily. It is loaded with sound-damping side panels to reduce the overall PC noise. Equipped with a 3-speed fan controller, and fans can power on overdrive when performance requires it. Two 120mm fans are included as the sleek fans give builders a head start on cooling their system. It is compatible with USB 3.0 and for modern connectivity. The case material is made up of steel which is very much reliable, strong build, easy to install, and upgradable.

The tool-free side door makes access to the case’s interior with a breeze which prevents it from heating. CARBIDE SERIES is one of the CORSAIR’S budgeted, economical, and lowest-cost cases. Yet, it avoids the look of many low-cost PC cases, instead offering an elegant aesthetic design that will appeal to gamers, hobbyist PC builders, and system integrators. This series includes innovative, and builder-friendly features that make it popular with PC users. How? because it has built-in SSD mounts, front-panel USB 3.0 ports, intelligent cable routing, and tool-free drive mounts. And with up to five fan mounting locations (two fans included), tool-free support for four 3.5″ drives and four 2.5″ SSDs, along with support for long graphics cards. Having all these features, the cases support high-end GPUs, liquid coolers, massive storage, and PSUs.

  • Well suited to build a budget pc
  • Built in case with fan controller
  • Sound dampened throughout
  • Sometimes struggles with high end hardware
  • Can feel constrained on the inside
  • Cable management is tricky

4. Thermaltake View 71

Thermaltake View 71

Meet Thermaltake View 71, one of the best PC cases is the list. View 71 comes with new and latest features. It has a Front I/O USB Type-C Port and Tempered glass side panel with a single set screw installation. The enhanced cable management system enables our patented internal cable routing kit with pre-installed channels and straps to make wiring easy and intuitive for the user. Empowered with streamlined cooling as it has two rear 140mm fans. It is included for optimal internal airflow and the front panel and PSU intakes include removable filters. The removable bracket is designed for radiators up to 240mm simplifies the installation of either closed-loop or custom-loop water cooling.

It supports motherboard Mini-ITX, MicroATX, and ATX. The professional exterior looks superb when combined with the uninterrupted tempered glass panel. The USB Type-C connector is on the front panel, which means you can easily connect your phone or new gaming headset without having to drag the case from under your desk. It has a clean design and the cable bar and PSU shroud go a long way to make the interior look spotless, giving even the most inexperienced builders something to be proud of.

  • Great aesthetics
  • Water-cooling support
  • Vertical GPU mounting option
  • User-friendly
  • Great thermal and acoustic performance
  • Well constructed
  • Elite version is overpriced
  • Airflow config attracts dust in unwanted places
  • Screw fittings are too tight
  • Limited front I/O ports

5. NZXT H510i – CA-H510i-B1

Nzxt H510I - Ca-H510I-B1

The NZXT-H510I COMPACT ATX mid-tower is an excellent and value to money pc case. It is a perfect choice when you want a small footprint ATX case without any sacrifice. A well-engineered airflow, removable radiator-mounting bracket, flush tempered-glass window, multiple fan filters, vertical GPU mount, and a front-panel USB-C connector are just some of the key features. It includes an upgraded smart device v2 that works effectively for powering the built-in RGB led strip light and case fans. A built-in speedy microprocessor for NZXT CAM-powered which has control of two HUE 2 RGB lighting channels and 3 fan channels that will support any voltage regulated or PWM fans.

The vertical GPU mounting will show off your graphic card with a built-in mounting bracket for installing your GPU vertically. Enhanced cable management includes our patented cable routing kit with pre-installed channels and straps that makes wiring easy and intuitive. When it comes to the motherboard, it supports Mini-ITX, MicroATX, and ATX. The H510I is empowered with a removable radiator-mounting bracket, simple-to-use SSD trays, and a patented cable management system for a smarter, easier build experience for the user. A faster microprocessor is offered by a smart V2 device which also provides CAM-powered control of two HUE 2 RGB lighting channels, and three fan channels that support either voltage regulated or PWM fans.

  • Multi featured
  • The best quality case at this price.
  • Beautiful design out there
  • Parental control
  • Smartwatch phone feature
  • Easy setup
  • It doesn’t have any SD card and memory is limited

6. Thermaltake Level 20

Thermaltake Level 20

The THERMALTAKE LEVEL 20 MT has a built-in dual-mode 5V ARGB switchboard. You can control the light via the I/O port button (27 LED modes/7 Colors) or via the 5V ARGB Sync motherboard which is very convenient. It is also equipped with a light-up of the system which includes 3 Pre-installed 120 millimeter 5V MB Sync ARGB fans (Sync with Asus, Gigabyte, MSI) and 1 rear black fan. The case is empowered with 27 LED modes through the I/O port button, flow mode, wave mode, RGB lighting (single color), radar mode (Red, yellow, green, Cyan, blue, White, Purple), breath mode (8 Colors), full lighted mode, single color mode (7 Colors) and light off mode.

It depicts a clear view of a budget gaming pc that has two 4 millimeters of tempered glass at the left & Front with a standard mounting that looks so stylish and beautiful. The case covers all your cables for a professional look status. It has also 6 Drive Bays that consists of a total of 6 SSD of 2.5 inches or 4 of 2.5 inches with 2 of 3.5 inches. This is one of the best PC cases because it strongly supports Mini ITX, ATX motherboard, Micro ATX, and the controller is a bonus addition. Having some spare ports to add additional fans if you want to enhance cooling that connects directly to the motherboard. The outer design elements with a fairly unremarkable top & rear panel depict a quite decent impression of how Thermaltake has started to make this Level 20 variant much more affordable and reasonable.

  • Three addressable RGB fans included
  • Controller allows you to sync up all your lighting
  • Has the looks of the Level 20 range
  • Underneath the glass, ARGB & design elements, it’s a fairly basic chassis
  • Front intake has no useful dust filtration

7. Cooler Master Box Lite 5

Cooler Master Box Lite 5

The COOLER MASTER BOX LITE 5 comes with a transparent front panel which is made of a more reasonable and affordable plastic polymer, not glass, so the plastic polymer protects and prevents it from breaking. The dust filters which are small in size, are intuitively placed to ensure maximum coverage of any air intake. Whereas the rib Lighting effects depict a unique look. The versatile cooling options support up to six 120mm fans for front and rear Liquid Cooling. It can easily support Graphics Card up to 400mm and also supports the latest, widest cards you can get.

For efficient thermal performance, a partial meshed front panel and ventilation holes on top of the case give your parts fresh air to breathe. The hard drive cage, bottom-mounted below the PSU cover, is non-removable and preoccupied into its position. There’s support for four 2.5-inch SSD mounts, with only one bracket included, and a tempered glass side panel is securely fixed in place by a bottom-mounted hinge with just two thumb screws running across the top. COOLER MASTER is a phenomenally priced budget box for any builder looking to construct a modern machine in a case that plays like a flagship. Its feature set is inclusive, its design is aesthetically stunning, and the price is considerably reasonable too.

  • Incredible design and aesthetics
  • Plastic polymer protection
  • Includes fans and accessories
  • Black steel is bland

8. MUSETEX Phantom

Musetex Phantom

This MUSETEX PHANTOM BLACK ATX MID TOWER case does not compromise when it comes to building a protected and stylish gaming battle station to satisfy all the concerns of the users in the most absolute manner. The reason why it is on the list of best PC cases is because of its elegant and attractive ATX mid-tower gaming computer case. It supports motherboards up to E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX. The Internal Bays have space for 3 x 3.5 HDDs, and 3 x 2.5 SSD’s. It has empowered with an exceptional and significant cooling system which is 6*120mm in size. The RGB LED fans are pre-installed which is 3 at the front, 1 at the Rear, 2 at the Top. Up to 360mm long liquid-cooling radiator is also on the front which is an optional feature.

MUSETEX has empowered with tempered glass panels that bring the level up gaming experience for its users. It is equipped with 2 x 4mm thick translucent Tempered Glasses in Galaxy dark color, which depicts a clear view of a PC case. With the inclusive remote control, You can also activate the voice control mode. The voice mode when selected, the corresponding voice mode and the lighting effects will get flashy with the beats of the music. You can also adjust the fan speeds and customize RGB lighting. A button on the front I/O panel also allows the user for quick switching of RGB effects. Its top I/O panel has various slots such as 1 x USB 3.0 Port, 2 x USB 2.0 Port, 1 x HD Audio, RGB Button, and Power/Reset.

  • Looks good
  • Cable management abilities
  • Good sturdy case
  • Super cooling system
  • Very low rpm non-changeable speed RGB Fans
  • No trays, Only weird screw joints for Mounting for hard drives
  • Hard drives are Difficult to swap out

9. ASUS TUF Gaming GT501

Asus Tuf Gaming Gt501

This ASUS TUF GT501 GAMING PC CASE comes along with support for E-ATX motherboards. It is featuring a metal chassis, panels with a custom TUF gaming spatter pattern, 4mm-thick smoked and, tempered glass with a full view side panel. The ASUS TUF cooling capability is very much better and efficient as it keeps your pc cool with the help of three 120mm aura sync RGB-illuminated fans, one 140mm rear PWM fan. This pc case provides up to seven optional fan-mounting points. Moreover, The built-in Custom Liquid Cooling is ready with support for top or front-mounted 360mm radiators, rear-mounted 140mm radiator, and pre-drilled water pump/reservoir mounting holes. Along with that, It has a vertical GPU expansion slot Plus 7 Traditional expansion Slots.

The design is ergonomic, woven cotton carry handles enable easy and safe transport up to 65lbs conveniently. It’s freaking massive inside, with more than enough room to build inside the case. Having lots of room, it is a quite big case with good cooling to build a clean system and hide cables. The side panels are designed in such a way that it feels so easy to remove and replace the thumbscrews. The impressive cable management keeps all the cables organized and clean.

  • Great Build quality
  • Easy to build in
  • Comes with Aura Sync RGB-illuminated fans
  • Plenty of cooling options
  • Performs well
  • Rear 140mm fan lacks RGB
  • EATX motherboard will overlap some cable management holes
  • High price tag

10. CORSAIR Obsidian 1000D

Corsair Obsidian 1000D

It is an expensive pick but one of the best PC cases with having lots of unique and multilevel features. The CORSAIR OBSIDIAN 1000D is a giant pc case and meant to pack as much hardware as possible into its monstrous yet elegant chassis. Its iconic Obsidian style combines clean exterior lines and smoked tempered glass. CORSAIR OBSIDIAN 1000D is the best full-tower pc case that is manufactured with premium aluminum and tempered glass. It comes along with an Aluminum front panel, top plate, and door handles. The CORSAIR OBSIDIAN water cooling is made very much effective and easy with removable front and top fan trays promptly. It has very well-designed direct airflow path design channels that cool air where your PC needs it most and it will avoid it from heating.

The Compatible CORSAIR liquid coolers are h55, h60, h75, h80i, h90, h100i, h105, h110i, h115i and h150i. Having a storage capacity of 1000D is also remarkable and has some extra room for 5 HDDs of 3.5” and 6 SSD/HDDs of 2.5”, each with their devoted chamber. The HDDs are in a box that is next to the PSU shroud, and the SSDs are on hinged doors behind the tempered glass conveniently. You can also chain enough of the fan controllers for all 13 fan slots that you can adjust according to your need using CORSAIR’S iCUE software. The chassis contains two power supplies with a full-sized ATX used for the full-sized motherboard and an SFX which is mainly used for the mini-ITX system. There’s also a preinstalled commander pro lighting controller that connects with CORSAIR-branded RGB LED fans and light strips which enhance its look more appealing and attractive.

  • Beautiful and quality construction
  • Plenty of room
  • Customizable radiator trays
  • The slide-out tempered glass doors are gorgeous
  • The SSD and HDD mounts are out of the way and in ideal locations
  • This case is very tall and quite heavy

Final Thoughts

When you planning to have the best gaming pc case then do it impressively and big. What we are recommending is the CORSAIR OBSIDIAN 1000D. Why it so because of its dual-system case, so you can build two separate computers here most feasibly and conveniently with lots of room for cooling. You might find it a bit expensive but in return, you will get a stylish and extraordinary pc case. A that is packed front to back with a massive 18 fan mounts and enough space available for four 480mm radiators, this is huge and big to keep your system cool, no matter how extreme heat it is. Just imagine all you get is a 2-in-1 pc case – a gaming PC and a streaming rig in the same chassis.

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